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DeAR-GP (Dementia Assessment Referral to GP)

Dementia is one of the biggest challenges we face in health and social care. There are approximately 18,000 people in south London diagnosed with dementia, with a further estimated 7,000 undiagnosed. One-third of people with dementia live in care homes, and the remaining two-thirds live in community settings.

Since 2014, Health Innovation Network has worked with nursing and care homes, community health teams and housing providers to develop DeAR-GP (Dementia Assessment and Referral Tool), a co-designed tool that aims to increase identification of possible dementia and subsequent diagnosis rates in south London. DeAR-GP, supported by Alzheimer’s Society, is a simple paper based case-finding tool which has been designed for use by care workers to identify people who are showing signs of dementia. DeAR–GP acts as a communication between care workers and health professionals providing the results of a brief cognitive test. A diagnosis will aid the understanding of care workers and family members and friends; leading to better care and support of the person with dementia.

DeAR-GP: Identifying Dementia in Care Homes has been positively approved as a Shared learning example by NICE and is also a case study on the AHSN Atlas. It is also hosted on the NICE websiteAlzheimer’s Society and

Following the success of DeAR-GP: Identifying Dementia in Care Homes, the Healthy Ageing Clinical Theme team at Health Innovation Network have amended and trialed the tool for use by Community Health Teams and Housing Providers within Community Settings.

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